In addition to our cellular-connected cameras, we also offer custom-configured Wi-Fi camera systems! If you have wifi, and electricity (normal 110v AC) where you want your cameras mounted, we can install a system that provides local recording to an NVR (Network Video Recorder) and remote-access to your live footage through a mobile app anywhere you are!

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For those looking to get a rough estimate of price, below is a list of our basic equipment prices.

*Please note: Prices vary depending on location, needs, and serviceability. These prices may differ from your final quote based on those variables*

  • $75.00 – Indoor/Outdoor WiFi camera with Night Vision and 64GB redundant backup memory (per unit)
  • $135.00 – Outdoor Wifi Expander (per unit)
  • $460.00 – Standard 4TB Network Video Recorder
  • $965.00 – Upgraded 10TB NVR (for those needing more space for recordings)
  • $400.00 – Basic Install (includes up to 3 Cameras, 1 NVR, and 1 Wifi Expander)
  • $175.00 – Additional Unit Install Charge (after first 3 Cameras or Wifi Expander)

Prices can vary and are subject to change without notice. Please refer to your customer quote for the most accurate prices.